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YNPN RVA: Conflict in Nonprofit Settings

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Join YNPN RVA and guest presenter Kim Young, MSW, LCSW, Director of Family Engagement at Peter Paul, as she discusses navigating systems of conflict and harm in the nonprofit setting. We'll delve into the topic of how nonprofit entities experience conflict within their internal and external environments, with populations impacted by their work, with funders and other stakeholders, with their governing body, with employees/volunteers working toward completing their mission-driven work, etc. What harm is done as a result of conflict experienced on these different levels? How as nonprofit professionals can we seek to do the work differently to aid in resolution? Boxed lunch will be provided to all attendees.

Fri, May 13, 2022 12-1pm.

The Collaboratory of Virginia at UTurn

1st Floor Training Room

2101 Maywill St

This program is free for YNPN RVA members. The registration fee for non-members is $10. For more information about YNPN RVA membership please visit

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