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Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

7:00pm - Beginner and Advanced Sessions

8:00pm - Next Level Sessions


$40 - Small group with appropriate skill level

$50 - Filmed sessions (If wanted at an extra cost)

$65 - Individual sessions, offered beginning in March

How do I register?

You can register online HERE for Beginner/Advanced sessions and HERE for Next Level sessions, in person with the UTurn Membership Team, or via phone by calling (804)358-2775 ext. 111.

What's Included:

  • A detailed plan to track progression and set achievable goals

  • Evaluations twice a month

  • Filmed workouts for breakdown sessions (for an extra cost)

  • A team of experienced coaches to assist your child with development on and off the court. Teaching videos and players to watch, quotes, review your games for evaluation and more

Which Session Should I choose?

Beginner: For the player who aspires to learn the basic fundamentals of the game and establish a solid foundation

  • This level is designed to serve as an introduction to those who do not have a great deal of experience playing organized basketball

  • Introduces the fundamental skills of basketball

  • Develops the ability to dribble with dominant/non-dominant hand (focus on stationary dribbling drills, combination dribble moves, and change of direction)

  • Teaches how to properly make a stationary pass and on the move (chest/bounce pass, spacing, triple threat)

  • Teaches proper shooting mechanics (layups with dominant hand/weak hand, form shooting, spot up shooting)

  • Develops the IQ to play on and off ball

Advanced: For the player who has a solid, fundamental foundation and aspires to improve skill set and IQ in an effort to create consistent playing habits. Advanced session players must have the tool set to compete at the next level.

  • This level is designed for players who have a solid base, fundamentally, and are in need of additional practice to develop specific basketball skills

  • Focuses on maintaining fundamentals and improving

  • Players must possess the ability to dribble with head up and right and left hand efficiently (non-dominant hand still needs work)

  • Ability to do two-ball, two-hand ball-handling drills

  • Ability to make open shots, but may struggle to make contested shots

  • Efficient at left and right hand layups (able to make 70% of uncontested layups)

  • Understands defensive positioning on and off the ball

  • Easily follows instruction and is coachable

  • Ability to endure an intense hour workout - must possess good conditioning

  • Ability to pass with both right and left hand efficiently

Next Level: Has established consistency as a player and needs/aspires to be challenged at a higher level of intensity with focus on detail. This player strives to elevate their game to whatever the next level may be.

  • This level is designed to help experienced players maintain and develop new skills needed to get to the college level, and players must possess (the):

  • Ability to perform stationary and moving ball handling drills

  • Ability to handle the basketball with pressure without turning it over

  • Ability to make open and contested shots at a consistent mark

  • Ability to finish around the rim with the left and right hand (wide open and through contact)

  • Ability to guard on and off ball efficiently and understands the timing of defense and positioning

  • Ability to make proper reads on and off the ball (i.e. pick and roll reads, off ball spacing, and cutting)

  • Scoring through common offensive actions (i.e. down screen and pop, Iverson cut, Zipper cut, etc.)

  • High basketball IQ and solid foundation with proficient skill set

  • Ability to pass with both right and left hand efficiently with defense

What if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to contact our Director of Basketball Operations, Del Harris, at (804)358-2775 ext. 108 or

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