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Indoor Pickleball League

UTurn is starting a men’s and women’s indoor league on March 8! The purpose of this league is to provide organized, recreational competition with a goal of improving everyone’s skills in a fun and enjoyable community.

There will be a men’s and a women’s division, played as doubles in a round robin format. Matches will be played on Monday night’s, beginning March 8 and concluding on April 12.


Participants: Men and women of all ages, - skill level of 3.0+ (self-rated using IFP Skill Rating Guide or using your UTPR). There will be a total of 25 slots for men and 25 slots for women.

Start/End Dates: Mon Mar 8 - Mon Apr 12, 6pm-9:30pm.

Location: U-Turn (2101 Maywill Street, Richmond, VA 23230)

Fee: $25/player Sign Up Here

Format of Play

The format will be Random Round Robin for two weeks. Wins and losses during the first two weeks will be accumulated and used to rank players for the remaining four weeks. In weeks 3 through 6, the format will be Round Robin with players grouped by skill level.

Example: In the first two weeks, John wins 4 matches and loses 2. The total amount of

points scored in wins and losses will be added together to formulate a total number of

round robin points.

Weekly Structure/Sign Up

Each Wednesday there will be an invitation sent to sign up for the following Monday. The first 20 of the 25 players (on the men’s and women’s side) who sign up will be slated to play the following Monday. To play, you must respond by Friday at 3pm. The roster that week will consist of the first 20 men and first 20 women to sign up.

Spots 21-23 will be put on the waitlist.

The 20 players who sign up will be ranked 1-20 and put into 4 divisions of play, and play 4 matches, rotating partners.

By the end of Saturday, a schedule and playing roster for Monday will be sent out. If you are in the playing 20 and find you cannot participate, you must notify the League Director as soon as possible for a substitute, no later than Sunday evening. League Director will get in touch with a substitute. Please do not send your own substitute.

Joining the League

Everyone interested in joining the league will need to register HERE. It will ask for some basic info and for your IFP skill. Please use the IFP self rating scale to determine your level. Pay close attention to words like “consistently” and “always”.

IFP Rating Definitions
Download PDF • 131KB

The first 25 players for each division will be in the league. Again, the first 20 to sign up each week will play.

Please sign up ASAP. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation that you are in the league. Once received, please call U-Turn at 804-358-2775 to make the league payment.

Please register by the end of day on Thursday, March 4th.

The round robin schedule for week 1 will be sent out Friday, March 5th.

Questions? Email League Director, Phil Falke at

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