COVID-19: ODVA Response

COVID-19 - ODVA Response

What if a participant has been exposed to COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-19?

  • Exposure to COVID-19 or a positive COVID-19 test result must be reported immediately to ODVA's administration for contract tracing purposes. Please email Elizabeth Ellinger at eellinger@u-turn.org.

ODVA has adopted the CDC guidance when responding to individuals with COVID-19 exposure or a positive COVID-19 test result. Please refer to the information below depending on your situation:

  • Exposure to an individual who is confirmed to have COVID-19:

  • An individual cannot return to UTurn for 10 days from the date of last exposure to the person who tested positive for COVID-19

  • or a negative COVID-19 test must be provided

  • COVID-19 positive diagnosis:

  • An individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 can return 10 days after the first day of symptoms and 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and all symptoms have subsided

Facility Controls and Protocols

Several modifications and protocols have been adopted to allow our facility to handle volleyball activities in the safest and most responsible manner as the pandemic threat remains:

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at the entrance of every court space making it readily available for athletes and staff as they enter and leave the court area. Hand sanitizer bottles are also available in other areas of the facility

  • Participant's hands must be sanitized before entering the court and as they are leaving the court

  • Trash cans are located in resource and basketball courts to limit the amount of spaces participants need to be the facility

  • A small fist aid kit with the most commonly used items is located at the Front Desk

  • Sanitized balls will be used for each session

  • Balls remain on one court and do not cross to other courts during the sessions

  • Non-participants/Spectators - to minimize risk in ODVA's facility, non-participants are not allowed entry, drop off and pick up will occur outside the facility

  • Social distancing is expected in all areas of the facility and on the property of UTurn, with the exception of the on-court area when active training is occurring. However, even during training, reasonable efforts to achieve social distancing are expected

Athlete Check-in and Responsibilities

  • Arrive healthy to not pose a risk to other participants

  • Stay health by:

  • Practicing recommended hygiene practices including frequent and thorough hand washing/sanitizing, covering mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and avoid touching your face, eyes, or mouth

  • No high 5s, huddles, linking up, or unnecessary contact

  • Complying with all of ODVA's established protocols: athletes must follow all club guidelines and protocols for face-coverings, checking in, and participating in activates while at UTurn

  • Preparedness:

  • Arrive on time wearing a face-covering. CHECK IN TIME begins 15 minutes prior to your assigned practice/camp start time

  • Do whatever is reasonable to avoid the need to use a restroom while at UTurn. If an athlete must use a restroom while on-site, please check with your coach for access

  • Arrive dressed for training and fully prepared to enter the court

  • Bring a large and full water bottle sufficient to get through the entire session

  • Check-In Procedure:

  • Health screening upon arrival:

  • Temperature Check - must be below 100.4

  • Answer these questions:

  • Am I experiencing symptoms, including fever (with or without medication), for at least 10 days prior to coming to the gym?

  • Have I had close contact/exposure to anyone known to have or suspected to be ill with COVID-19 or a carrier of Coronavirus in the last 10 days?

  • We are excited to be able to host practice/trainings and provide the joy of participating in volleyball; it does, however, come with a responsibility. If they cannot answer "NO" to all the questions listed above we ask that they not come to the gym

  • Additionally, athletes must stay home if they are sick or do not feel well regardless of known or suspected cause. We are asking parents to monitor their health and report any symptoms or illness to an administrator

  • Athletes will be given a court assignment for their training session. They should report there directly with their full water bottle and still wearing their face-covering

  • During Training:

  • Before entering the court, athletes will thoroughly sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizer station at the court entrance

  • Athletes will take all reasonable measures to maintain social distancing. No high 5s, huddles, linking up, or unnecessary contact. Avoid contact with your face, mouth, and eyes

  • All player breaks during gym activities will be taken on the assigned court. Movement in other areas of the facility should be extremely limited and always done with social distancing in mind

  • Only touch the volleyballs designated for your court

  • At the End of Training:

  • Athletes may be asked to assist with court turnover sanitization process

  • As an athlete is leaving the court, they will gather any items and thoroughly sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizer station at the court entrance

  • After athletes complete their activity and leave the court surface they must replace their face covering and practice social distancing

  • Exiting:

  • Training schedule has time buffers built in to avoid congestion in the foyer as athletes enter and leave the building

  • Leave the building through the designated exit

  • Please do not loiter in the facility after activities and be mindful of social distancing in our parking lot and other areas

  • Properly dispose of any trash generated while in the facility

  • Take all items home including water bottles

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